Helene Richman is the embodiment of creative energy and drive. She has passion about every project she takes on and brings to each, an intelligent, exciting point of view that makes everything come alive. She is wonderful at generating new ideas to serve a variety of specific functions. There is no challenge to small or too great for her. Helene always has a plan to execute and does so with the full force of a dynamic leader. She knows how to surround herself with the best people in her field and knows when she needs the support of others to make her vision a reality.

She has designed clothing lines from scratch, run multimillion dollar businesses and while my experience with her has been on her personal volunteer work, I know she has delivered time and again for her clients.

If I were to describe a job title for her it would be “chief innovator”.

—  Jodi Nussbaum, Head Nut-Nut Tree Productions


Helene, simply put, is an original mind. An uncanny combination of genuine wisdom and out-of-the-box thinking. Helene is somehow able to create products, brands and experiences that simultaneously exude soul, creativity, and artful sophistication.

It's hard to describe Helene gifts. She is a bundle of seeming contradictions, left and right brain abilities, strategy and creative together. The closest I can come is that she is an intuitive creative with deep business acumen. The two complement each other seamlessly.

— Amy Friedman, President Redhead Consulting


Helene is great to work with, a consummate professional, and is a person who really knows what they are doing and what real the goal is. I've known Helene for over 10 years and see how well she motivates her teams, combining the business sense with the creative, (always difficult) to achieve some outstanding products. Always a pleasure to meet and work with ... cant recommend highly enough, 5 stars as they say in the movies.....!!

— Rory Cunningham, CEO MysugarCube Ltd

Passionate, creative idea generation and her ability to excite others is what defines Helene and is the space that invigorates and motivates her (and quite frankly those around her). She has demonstrated her ability to bring ideas to fruition through mobilizing a team. She fosters a sense of team through her passion and creativity and her care and focus on mentorship and support. She is flexible when need be in response to market demands. Nothing is old and everything can be newer to Helene. Ideas are a source of inspiration and reflection on what was. She is amazing. A True Creative Commander.

— Miriam T. Chilton, Director Strategy, Operations and Finance URJ Youth & College Programs in North America and Israel


Helene's style and vision for children's clothing and especially boutique style collections is visionary and focused. She has a clear understanding of her customer's needs and expects her product to be best in quality and fit. I enjoyed working with Helene and learned a great deal from Helene's wealth of experience in Children's product development and design.

— Annique Acar, Technical Design Manager of Children's Wholesale Tommy Hilfiger USA

Helene Richman stands far and above the many executives I've worked with in the baby wear industry. She possesses the unique qualities from both opposite ends of the talent spectrum. Not only is she an efficient manager, quite good at wearing multiple hats, at the same time, she is a compassionate individual, extremely caring and inspirational to all who work closely with her. Creative visionaries are rare. Helene's abilities to conceptualize and direct artists and designers comes from an extremely refined and cultured eye and experience at the top directional level. Helene is highly intelligent, savvy about current ideas and trends and very knowledgeable about the global economy and marketplace.

There is no better person who can turn change into another creative challenge than Helene Richman.

—  Gail Allouff, Artist


Helene’s extensive knowledge of Sourcing and Merchandising ability consistently allow me to offer my retail customers product that exudes value, fashion and functionality. We have made many professional presentations together; in each one Helene conceived and merchandised complete programs that exceeded our customer’s margin and turn expectations once they shipped into their stores.

Helene’s has a diverse set of merchandising and brand building skills.

She has developed many successful import programs and helped to increase sales of many accounts. Her extensive knowledge of Sourcing and Merchandising ability consistently allow me to offer my retail customers product that exudes value, fashion and functionality.

Helene should be very proud of the mentoring skills she has; her designers began with no real work experience. She nurtured their growth and gave them an incredible foundation that has resulted in their individual skill development; now they consistently design strong product that performs very well at retail. She can “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the Talk” with senior level executives and would be a tremendous asset to a company looking to grow. Her knowledge of the industry is very strong and her reputation is well deserved.

—  Michael Levine, National Sales Manager, bon bebe

Helene has been a resource I have worked with for over 5 years. She has been a pleasure to work with, bringing a passion for product to every meeting. Her communication and people skills are excellent, and she has been a proven innovator in the children's apparel arena. I highly recommend her and hope our paths will cross again professionally in the future. Expert, High Integrity, Creative.

— John Koska, Senior Buyer Kohls


Helene is an exemplary creative merchant. In addition, her attention to detail and ability to control her business through accurate and frequent review of the numbers, makes her a rare talent. Helene's interpersonal skills are among the best I have seen.

— Barbara Truncellito, Senior, VP, Macys Product Development